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Birthdate:Apr 13
This is an OC journal. PB is Hayley Williams who I in no way own.

Eliza is a phoenix with a human form.

She's been around since the beginning of everything. She can't say since the beginning of time, because she was around before that concept existed even. She lives a fairly carefree life, moving from one place to the next as she sees fit. She always manages to find somewhere she hasn't seen before.

She's a bit crazy, a side effect of living an eternity of death and rebirth, and outliving everyone she speaks too. She's lost more friends than she can remember already, and yet it doesn't stop her from making more. And, at least most of the time, her insanity is harmless. One might say it makes her a more interesting friend.

What really shines through for people though? She is passion, fire, Life itself. And she takes great joy in watching that life happen. That is, perhaps, why she's still so fascinated with humans and stays with them. They have such short lives, but they burn so brightly!

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